SZS Consulting Ltd.
Helping you to spend less on System Z Software


SZS was founded by David Wilson who retired from IBM after 30 years service in March 2010.  From 1996  he was responsible for IBM’s mainframe software business in the UK and since 2000 for the business at European level.  In that position he worked with many of the European and global customers first hand as total installed capacity grew 5 times.  During that time he was responsible for IBM’s European entry into the tools business and was instrumental in the design and  introduction of various IBM pricing policies such as vWLC and the recently announced aWLC.  Many of the [unannounced] special terms and exceptions to IBM’s standard licensing and pricing policies were developed by David and first implemented in Europe.   David is very experienced in the areas of software licensing, compliance and pricing – especially with regard to what can and what cannot be done in order for software vendors to comply with the various regulations  - this knowledge proves  invaluable for customers who need to stretch the boundaries when dealing with software vendors.


Confidentiality.  In all circumstances, we would expect dealings betwen SZS Consulting and our clients to be confidential and usually would have Non-Disclosure Agreements in place.   We do not share specific details of client agreements although obviously we are able to use each agreement / vendor offering to assess the competitiveness of other offerings that we review.